"Feel The Warm" lyrics - BILLY ECKSTINE

"Feel The Warm"

Don't you think that we could get together
Make another go of it and weather the storm
I've got all the dreams invested in you
When you wander through my mind I still can feel the warm

Hangin' on to love is all that matters
We can patch it up, though it's been battered and worn
Put a little faith and trust in my hands
I can chase all doubt away and you will feel the warm

Is it so wrong to be wrong now and then
Truth that can bend, we can survive
So, as we stumble through this test of love
The best of love is still alive

Open up the shell your heart's been trapped in
Give your love a brand new start, here wrapped in my arms
You can rest assured you won't regret it
Let it happen so together we can feel the warm

So together we can feel the warm
Feel the warm
Feel the warm