"Gigi" lyrics - BILLY ECKSTINE


She's a babe
Just a babe
Still cavorting in her crib
Eating breakfast with a bib

With her baby teeth
And all her baby curls
She's a tot
Just a tot

Good for bouncing on your knee
I am positive that she
Doesn't even know that boys aren't girls
She's a snip
Just a snip

Making dreadful baby noise
Having fun with all her toys
Just a chickadee who needs a mother hen
She's a cub, a papoose

You could never turn her loose
She's too infantile to take her from her pen
Of course, that weekend in Trouville
In spite of all her youthful zeal

She was exceedingly polite
And on the whole a sheer delight
And if it wasn't joy galore
At least not once was she a bore,

That I recall
No, not at all
Ah! She's a child
A silly child

Adolescent to her toes
And good heaven how it shows
Sticky thumbs are all the fingers she has got
She's a child

A clumsy child
She's as swollen as a grape
And she doesn't have a shape
Where her figure ought to be,

It is not!
Just a child
A growing child
That's so backward for her years

If a boy her age appears
I am certain he will never call again!
She's a scamp and a brat
Doesn't know where she is at

Unequipped and undesirable to men
Of course, I must confess
That in that brand new little dress
She looked surprisingly mature

And had a definite allure
It was a shock in fact to me
The most amazing shock to see
The way it clung

On one, so young!
She's a girl,
A little girl!
Getting older, it is true

Which is what they always do
Till that unexpected hour
When they blossom like a flower!
Oh no [2x]

There's sweeter music when she speaks
Isn't there?
Could I be wrong?

Could it be so?
Oh where, oh where
Did Gigi go?
Gigi! Am I a fool without a mind

Or have I merely been too blind to realise?
Oh Gigi! Why you've been growing up before my very eyes
Gigi! You're not at all
That funny, awkward little girl, I knew

Oh no! Over night there's been a breathless change in you
Chorus Verse:
Oh Gigi! While you were trembling on the brink
Was I out yonder somewhere blinking at a star?

Oh Gigi! Have I been standing up too close
Or back too far?
When did your sparkle turn to fire?
And your warmth become desire?

Oh what miracle has made you the way you are?
Gigi! [3x]
Oh no! I was mad not to have seen the change in you
Oh Gigi!