"Desert High" lyrics - BILLY GIBBONS

"Desert High"

The desert dust it fills your eyes
The rattlesnake shake takes you by surprise
The coyotes sing in the calm of night
The cactus water goes down like fire

The City of Angels ain't too far from here
And when I need some sin, it's always near
The Caliente warms my bones
And the Valley of Death is a skeleton's home

The desert toad takes me for a ride
The Lizard King's always by my side
The hawk and eagle just want to fly
But the horizon's hot and the air is dry

The venom stings from the scorpion
And the owl watches where I've been
My lips are cracked from the howlin' wind
I need to quench my thirst and heal my skin

The mountains like painting
The Joshua Tree
Gram died in room eight and left it all to Keith
Just a couple of miles from the Salton Sea
But a little closer to heaven for someone like me, woo