"Hey Brother" lyrics - BILLY PRESTON

"Hey Brother"
(Preston, Jesse Kirkland)

Hey, brother
Where you goin' with that stick in your hand?
He said, "Goin' over here
Goin' to destroy another man's land"

'Cause one man but nothing to other man but all
Together we stand and divided we fall
It's sad to know today
People aren't willing to show a little love for you

And we need more love
We all need love

That sustains enough love
Gimme some love

Callin', buddy, I want love

I loved the most, I paid the price that cost
Too much for freedom
Look, just understand, I'm a man
I come from that same mother called nature

I'll tell you what's wrong, I'm was born to be strong
To be tied down, I can't stand it
Listen, wrong or right, black or white
We all deserve an equal right

Hey, brother
Learn how to live with one another, ya
Hey, brother
Hey, brother
Learn how to live with one another
Hey, sister