"Hollywood" lyrics - BILLY SQUIER


Heaven, everything you wanted
You know what you came for
Tell me what you got right now
Ain't it funny, they all come for money

From Maine to Arizona
And a star out on the Walk of Fame
Do you like it, go and shout it
Play it harder, never doubt it

Now in a world of constant change
Nothin' stays the same
They'll run you outa here, that's Hollywood
And though you think you'll never change

You're not quite the same
It all seems so sincere, in Hollywood
Winnin', winnin' makes you over
The glory days roll by you

You're leavin' all the clouds behind
And the losers don't have much to offer
But they can drag you under
As fast as you can draw the line

And though you're really not to blame
You fall into your fame
The flames are oh so near, in Hollywood
And when you think you know their game

Somethin' quite so strange
No one knows you're here, in Hollywood
So you're dancin' on the dotted line
They got you workin' workin' overtime

It's a shame, shame, shame
You can't fight it, don't deny it
You can't hide it
The way you do the things you do

They say that some things never change
The plot remains the same
No one wins out here, in Hollywood
And though you think you're not to blame

You fall into your fame
Flames are oh so near, in Hollywood
And with the real world out of range
Can you make the change

And walk on outa here, that's Hollywood