"Lawman" lyrics - BILLY WALKER


They sent me out from Santa Fe to try and find his trail
They think that I'm the only one who can bring him back to jail
This star says I'm a lawman this gun has seen me through
And though my heart is heavy I've got a job to do
You see he's such a proud man who never learned to crawl
But a good man turns gun slinger he's the meanest man of all
He killed the US Marshall and for that he's gonna pay
And I'm the lonely lawman who's on his trail today

There was a time he fought for true and on the side of right
Until the only girl he loved was killed one faithful night
I know his heart was shattered as he turned the barren sod
And laid away her body come ending into God
Then he vowed a revenge to those who took her life
And every notch upon his gun a tear shed for his wife
But revenge is like wild fire sweepin' through the wood
It turns reason into ashes and it burns out on the good
Now I can't help but remember as I trail this lonesome man
I don't believe while we were boys out of any race we ran
For you see his face resembles mine we talk somewhat the same
And though we walk in differend world we both wear our daddy's name