"Mountain Duet" lyrics - BJORN ULVAEUS & BENNY ANDERSSON

"Mountain Duet"
(Benny Andersson / Tim Rice / Bjorn Ulvaeus)

This is the one situation I wanted most to avoid
Nothing I say will convince him it isn't a trick

A drink on a clear moonlit night
I relax, she smiles
There's something unpleasant going on

So with immaculate timing, I'm left to carry the can
Embarrassed, outnumbered, marooned

Now she can't be working for them
I mean us
She seems so very straightforward
But where is he?

He has to come back
He wanted this meeting
Well didn't he?

Maybe he's scared
Just as scared as he was in the game

Oh, I just couldn't care less
He can go right ahead, go and wreck his career
I know I've done my best

Well, at least she's a good-looking spy

What if my Russian friend thinks that my plans
Are more of an intimate kind?
If I don't say something and soon
He'll go
Nobody's on nobody's side

Listen, I hate to break up the mood
Get to the point, begin the beguine
Haven't you noticed we're a protagonist short
In this idyllic, well-produced scene?

All I can say is moments ago
He was right here, ready and waiting

Never mind him
I haven't missed him so far

Maybe it won't do any harm
To struggle on without his charm?
Funny how all at once I feel
That he can go jump off the mountain, I won't care

This is the one situation I wanted most to avoid

My dear opponent
I really can't imagine why

So I am not dangerous then?
What a shame

Oh, you're not dangerous
Who could think that of you?

You, you are so strange
Why can't you be what you ought to be?
You should be scheming, intriguing, too clever by half

I have to hand it to you
For you've managed to make me forget why I ever agreed to this farce

I don't know why I can't think of anything
I would rather do
Than be wasting my time
On mountains with you