"Wretched And Divine" lyrics - BLACK VEIL BRIDES

"Wretched And Divine"
(Andy Biersack / John Feldmann / Jeremy Ferguson / Ashley Purdy / Scott Stevens)

I am the innocent
I am what could've been
The dreams you talk about
Now left on broken skin
Here lies hysteria
A land where chaos reigns
Global disturbia
Bows down to twisted ways

A world of hate awaits
We are the wild ones
They all look the same
Our time has come

I am the chosen
The wretched and divine
I am the unspoken
The one they left behind
Fight until we die
I am the broken
The wretched and divine

I am the devil's smile
The one caught every day
A hopeful hero's speech
Won't stop the years you bleed
I am a hurricane
And I'm the strongest one
As they sit back and laugh
The war you left has just begun



We live for the broken hearts
Won't watch them fall apart
We live for the ones who don't know they exist
We die for the endless winter
Beginner and the sinner
We die for the ones who raise their hands to resist