"Ghost In The Machine" lyrics - BLAZE BAYLEY

"Ghost In The Machine"

Right on the edge of the world
Where the answer's digital
And the solutions are all silicon
The questions, all what can be done
Never what is right or wrong
There's a virtual wave to surf along

Question the validity
Of human mortality

A page says superseding God
And they take all major cards
Now you too can laugh and live forever

Is the answer deep inside
The ghost, ghost in the machine
Entitiy or dream, it matters not to me
The ghost, ghost in the machine
Silent and unseen
Ghost in the machine

Do you want to live forever
Do you want to live

Terabyte of memory
Holding consciousness complete
A solid state of immortality
Saint of all technology
Bless us in our infancy
For they know not
What they did to me

It's me