"Drifter's Sunrise" lyrics - BOB LIND

"Drifter's Sunrise"

Well the sun rises behind you when you walk a westbound road
And the light sometimes reminds you of someone you used to know
She had eyes that used to touch you like no eyes you ever knew
But there's something about a highway changes sunshine into dew

Well the darkness is leaving as the sun comes to the sky
And the dew clings to the barley as the tears come to your eyes
As the night like all your friendships must come to meet their ends
You think about the good times drinking coffee with your friends

You see the shadows of your past, it was too beautiful to last
And the highway keeps on calling you to follow
And the echoes in your mind are fading slowly into time
But you can't look back and still face your tomorrow

When a city cannot hold you there is always somewhere else
But if you think you'll stop your moving, you are lying to yourself
And you look through picture windows and see families in their homes
But as long as there's a highway... you will walk alone
You will walk alone

All alone and by yourself down the dirty lonesome road the sun is coming up behind you
And everything you see by the highway always has a sad, sad way to remind you...