"English Afternoon" lyrics - BOB LIND

"English Afternoon"

It's a strawberry morning
I stand in the dew
With my eyes on the sea
And my mind around you
Caught between dreams
With the wind in my hair
As the waves roll away
And the gulls ride the air
I'm alone

Search every corner of the English afternoon
Hold on, I'll find a way to get there soon

The soldiers of autumn
They march to the sea
They are stealing the green
From the hillsides and trees
Me, I am stranded
To wait for the rain
Lean on your memories
And whisper your name
To the air

The edges of silence
Are blending into
All the bright panoramas
Of moments with you
I'll weave a sail
With the threads of the past
Fall to the warmth
Of the spell you have cast
Around me