"It's Just My Love" lyrics - BOB LIND

"It's Just My Love"

The sound of springtime moving in the arms of early morning,
The walls of darkness breaking,
It's just my love - awaking

Bronzed against the pillow casting shadows on the wall
Her eyes reflect the sun as morning birds begin to call,
The smiling orange dawn is hers for taking
And so am I.

Clouds across the twilight and the dancing yellow sunlight,
Long silent doors unlocking,
Its only my love - walking.

The sidewalk sings it's melodies, responding to her feet,
The buildings turn their heads to see her safely down the street.
She moves as though she doesn't know they're looking
And so am I.

The music of the flowers recorded by the hours,
The sound of storm clouds lifting,
It's only my love - laughing.

The night retires from sorrow and reclines upon tomorrow,
The starlight sofly slipping,
It's only my love - sleeping.

The magic of the midnight smiles to see her as she dreams.
The moon sends down a tender word to her upon it's beams.
The brightness of the dawn is in her keeping
And so am I.