"West Virginia Summer Child" lyrics - BOB LIND

"West Virginia Summer Child"

Someplace far in back of you
You may have known somebody who
Looked under what you tried to be
And never let you know that she
Could see that your ideals would only last a little while
Like West Virginia summer's child

The times are gone that brought the girl
Who watched me try to change the world
When I believed I'd write the songs
To point to roads of right and wrong
Silently she watched me try to put the world on trial
West Virginia summer's child

The night before I had to leave
When Denver winter stripped the trees
I cried all night against a nightgown sleeve
I only hope that she believes
I know what I was leaving

When I refuse to turn my eyes
From all my shabby alibis
And think I'm more than what I am
I hope she knows I'm glad I can
Surrender to the memory of the understanding smile
Of West Virginia summer's child
West Virginia summer's child