"Devil Wind" lyrics - BOB WELCH

"Devil Wind"

Well hello little girl, welcome to this big town
I've been patiently waiting, let me show you around
Did you bring lots of money, do you have nerves of steel
And are you ready to gamble, put your heart on the wheel

Oh oh, the devil wind
Big town claims another win
Is this how it all begins
How the innocents have changed
Oh oh, the devil wind
Breaks another young heart again
So this is how it always ends

How the innocents have changed

I was born in this city, I destroyed my old man
But he came to this city from an innocent land
Now I should know better, I'd be a fool if I got hurt
But you do what you have to, let me be the first


After the devil wind stops blowin'
Wake up and find your heart's been broken