"Alabama Rose" lyrics - BOBBY BARE

"Alabama Rose"
(Wanda Alley)

One night I went into town
And met a girl from Alabama
In her eyes I saw the sadness she had seen in life
I found out she had spent some wasted years in Chicago
She had known a hundred men or more
But never as a wife
She was going home
To start her life again in Alabama
Where she had been
And why God only knows
But I loved that girl
And begged her just to stay with me in Nashville
And I called that girl my Alabama Rose

The days turned into weeks
And I was sure she'd learned to love me
But sometimes late at night
I'd wake and listen to her cry
The sun came up one morning
And my rose was not beside me
I got that feeling
Like you want to die

Now I wonder if she ever made it back to Alabama
Where she is and why God only knows
But she must know no matter where she goes
My dreams go with her
'Cause I still love my Alabama Rose
God knows I love my Alabama Rose