"Can't Stop Thinking" lyrics - BODEANS

"Can't Stop Thinking"

When we go out, you know she takes so long
And I'm thinking this is starting all wrong
Then she comes out looking like a moonglow ray
When I'm thinking 'bout my
Can't stop thinking 'bout my baby
Sometimes she snores, sometimes she breathes on me
So I push her away so tenderly
And in the morning, well it's a brand new day
You can laugh right in my face
Say, "You're just a pussy-whip"
But you know down deep inside
That what I'm feeling is really it
One time we got drunk and we got in this fight
She threw her purse at me and took out the light
In the dark, well we just laughed and played
I ain't the kinda guy that likes to talk too much
But there's one subject that I'm sure fond of
I'm just likely just to sing all day