"Don't Be Lonely" lyrics - BODEANS

"Don't Be Lonely"

When we're not together I know I know this much is true
But please try and understand I've got some things I wanna do
It's not easy no no it can be so hard
But we can't quit now we can't quit now
Because we've come so far

And I know when the night comes down
Baby it come so hard and so mean
And I know what you feel inside girl you
Say you're lost and in between
Don't be lonely don't be blue
Don't be lonely lonely lonely lonely
Because I'm thinking about you

So just remember when it was me and you
How we laughed how we cried
How we loved our love rang so true
Yes it did
Our time has come now baby
We'll be together again I know
You'll be the queen of all women
I'll be the king of all men
Yes I will yes I will