"Freedom" lyrics - BODEANS


You keep on building walls
All around me
Ball and chain and blindfold
So I don't see
Take me far away
Leave me out cold
But the people see the truth
Let justice unfold
So if you just hold my hand
A little bit longer, understand
The feeling gets stronger
Yes, I do
Yes, I can
You can write your words down
Full of despair
You can celebrate your lies
And see if we care
'Cause people know the truth
They feel in their hearts
All the good things that we like
We knew from the start
I can't let my world get colder
I'd be a better man
I can see for miles around
Hope you understand
I believe in love
I believe in free will
I believe that people believe in it still
Though sometimes we don't always see it so clear
I believe it's strength will always be here