"If..." lyrics - BODEANS


In the day to day to day it's so easy to forget to say to the ones who matter most to the one who holds your heart to the one that stands beside you to the one that treats you kind to the one that's there to guide you to the one that's there to ease your mind in this oyster of a world I was lucky to have found my pearl and I know that I'm a fool and I know that I don't deserve you and I know that you're a beauty and I know your heart is true. So I'm taking on my duty and as long as that big sky is blue
I wanna to say to you that.. if you ever went away. I'd loose the only reason that I'm not insane. And if you ever went away. I'd feel so small that I could never stand the strain. I'd be lost and I'd be broken I'd be left without a hope in.. now it's been 27 years but it really feels like yesterday. And in the time I've spent with you you've become so much a part of me. Now I'm standing at the station while the train takes you today. And I know it's just vacation but my heart is breaking anyway