"Wild World" lyrics - BODEANS

"Wild World"

Three, Four!
Hoot, Hoot, Hoot!
Yeah yeah!
Standin' here,
This night,
I hold,
Warm embraces and pictures,
Like diamonds and gold,
17 weeks, and 5 days, and 3 hours ago,
I lost everything and now I know,
It's a poor fool who stumbles this way,
Just another drink and I end another day,
Cause' I believe I will leave all this darkness and pain,
Like superman, here I go go again!

Singing yeah yeah!
Its a wild world ya know!
People change their lives everyday!
Yeah yeah!
Its a crime girl ya know!
Taking your sweet salvation so far, far away!
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,
Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!
Tellin' friends now why you went away,
Out of your head maybe you gone crazy,
Let em' see that I'm somethin' in spite of my pride,
Never show them what I'm keepin' inside,


Breakin' my heart right from the start,
When my love is true what's a poor boy to do yeah? oo oo

Rakin' leaves now that fall to the ground,
Wonder what lifes like on your side of town,
'Cause I believe I will see see the day come around,
When I lay this dark darkness down, (down)
Want to lay this dark darkness down,