"Down In The Bayou" lyrics - BODY COUNT

"Down In The Bayou"

We don't like your kind round here,
We don't like those flashy cars.
We don't like that hippidy hop.
We don't listen to that roll and rock.
We just fish and hunt all day,
Sleep and drink beer let me make this clear.
If you ain't from these parts don't come round here,
If you ain't from these parts, beware and stay clear.
Got my shotgun ready, hound dog and machete,
Protecting my still, and I'm moonshine blind.
If you die your body won't be that easy to find,
To come down to these swamps you must be outta your mind.

Where I'm from, where I live, where I'll die..
Down on the Bayou
Where I'm from, where I live, where I'll die..
Down on the Bayou
We don't watch your TV shows.
We don't listen to your lying news.
We think fashion is stupid as shit.
I play my banjo and dance the jig.
Caught my first gattor when I was just a kid,
Bit off half my hand and my daddy ate it.
Don't wanna ever see the city 'cause I know I'll hate it,
Just some crawfish and lightning and I'm feeling fine.
Don't come round here boy stay with your kind,
It ain't safe down here and you may not leave here alive.
An old pickup truck full of rust
And I ain't paying none of your taxes so don't waste your time.


Yeah I looked at TV once looked stupid
Yeah I got a chance to look at one of them superstar magazines
They all look stupid
I seen a picture of the city looked like a bunch of monkeys
Living on top of each other
I'm eating catfish, gator drinking fresh moonshine
Don't come around here I'll tell you one more time
Don't care about the life you choose
'Cause way down here in the Bayou we got nothing to loose