"Fantasy" lyrics - BONFIRE


I close my eyes and I see your face
but you're not there
Like a vision
it haunts me everywhere

Every night I'm on a journey
cold sweat in my hair
I'm going crazy
and I'm deep down in despair

I fancy nights - I'm lost in passion
I just can't wait
it's right before me
but it fades just when I wake

Don't you know - I'm falling
I'm hiding in my fantasy
You know - I'm calling
but you just slip away from me
won't you please come back again

I still hear the words like magic
calling out your name
my search for you
is drivin' me insane

What does it take - what can I do
who's telling me
I want you back in my arms
set me free


I can't remember what went on in my head
why did this happen to me - to be
wait for an answer that I never will get
'cause it's just my fantasy