"Hard To Say" lyrics - BONFIRE

"Hard To Say"

Saying yes, but you mean no
Holding on, you must let go
We never do what we should do
Don't know why

Give a smile, but you could cry
Live it up, when you wanna die
We're all mad in our own way, ain't that right?

It's setting tough sometimes
To say what's on your mind
Because every day we lose a day of our life

And sometimes I wonder why
As time goes by and by
Living lies, it's hard to say goodbye

Play the game with a loaded dice
All for free, you will pay the price
Stuck in the middle of some homemade, selfish dream

Keep it, while you should give it back
Say it's white, but you know it's black
Little by little we start losing our way

On and on we go
'Til we don't ask no more
If it's wrong or right, do we really care?


Life goes by so fast
You can't stop the wheels of time
Once the die is cast
You just lay it on the line

[Chorus 2x]