"Hearts Bleed Their Own Blood" lyrics - BONFIRE

"Hearts Bleed Their Own Blood"

I remember - walkin' hand in hand - with you
I remember - drawing hearts in the sand - so true
But one fine day you've thrown it all away - 'nd left for another man
'nd sometimes truth hurts more than a lie - though it's hard to understand

Hearts beat their own beat
with every little teardrop from your eyes
Hearts bleed their own blood
'nd there ain't nothing's gonna cure a bleeding heart but love

I still miss you - even after all those years
'nd I still kiss you - in my dreams you're always here

No - I can't live without you baby - I guess you broke this heart of mine
Like a chord that weeps the minor way - it makes me wanna cry


I would do everything
to win you back again
and be there for you
I'd give my life for you baby
I still love you