"Questions And Answers" lyrics - BOOGIE DOWN PRODUCTIONS

"Questions And Answers"

Yo Kris whassup this press stuff man?
Yo I don't Money, I don't know, they frontin
Yo why we don't get no respect?

I don't know man
They got all them gangsta lookalike, know y'know

But you know what?
All them fraud magazines I'm tired of
I'm tired of us not bein on no covers
But you know what?
We rock the streets, ANYWAY
Regardless to what anybody say

Well well, yo yo, I tell you
As long as you rip up the streets
You don't GOTTA have no press, youknowhatI'msayin?

That's right
As long as you stay true to the streets
All these wannabe black, black, black

Black nuttin - you know, chewin all that black
'Cause they ain't really reportin nuttin on no black nuttin
They wanna be right, and they wanna be, rap, and...

That's why I read The Final Call
The Final Call got it goin' on, youknowhatI'msayin?


I mean, if you really wanna check out somethin' black
I mean, all these other magazines, they got
They can only show you the light-skinned girl
Or the light-skinned guy, and all of that, yaknowhatI'msayin?
I ain't with all that nonsense

Ha hah, we won't name any names
But they know who they are though!
Ha hah, knowhatI'msayin? Watch yourself
I don't know why we can't get no covers though!

Yo Kris, I don't why
'Cause we just slammin' everywhere we go

Yo, BDP been rockin' for like six years now
Six long hard rough years, youknowhatI'msayin?

And, and for some reason
Everytime these COMMERCIAL acts come out
They get the cover the first...
They could drop a twelve inch single
And they be snatchin up the cover

You know why? 'Cause they don't wanna deal with reality
In any of these magazines
Hey Kris, I got the answer to ALL your problems

What's that?
Just interview yourself
Interview myself?

Aight check it out
Kick it!

[Question:] Why everything you do is fresh?
[Answer:] My name, Blastmaster KRS
[Question:] You only write reality, why?
[Answer:] No time to waste, our people are going to die
[Question:] Going to die? Please explain this topic
[Answer:] Some people are using ignorance to make a profit
[Question:] How do we stop it?
[Answer:] Throw 'em in a jail cell and lock it
[Question:] Why, are people so stupid?
[Answer:] They got a brain and fail to use it
[Question:] How did it get like this?
[Answer:] People are more worried about ass and tits and
Little bits of information
The barbarians teach us just to be barbarians in the nation
This new creation
Takes on the manifestation of the Board of Education
[Question:] What's the solution?
[Answer:] Organize revolution
[Question:] Revolution implies killing...
[Answer:] Whether you fight or talk, the blood is
STILL SPILLING, and we're chilling
Thinking of our history as Elmer Fudd
Everything, black people got in this country
They got through shedding their blood, word!

But they ain't gonna print all that
They too concerned about what you wearin
What kind of Benz you got, or BM
But I think this year
Since we knockin' all these sucker frauds out,
You might get some press
But when you talk that consciousness -
Nobody wants to listen

Word up, it's a crying shame though
I, ah-I tell you this though
If I was talkin' sex and all that nonsense
I'd get ALL the covers

Yo Kris, just chill, and interview yourself
That's what I like to hear

Aight aight check it out

Everything you learned in law school
Can be taught, when you're six years old
But they make you wait and wait and wait and wait
And wait, and of course, the information, is then sold
But what if you can't afford to pay?
You walk around ignorant all day!
The pimp don't care, it's really your decision
Kick up that money hoe! Oh, I mean tuition
They be dissin, that ass you be kissin'
Sittin' in a room with a liar, and you must listen
[Question:] Who are you dissin?
[Answer:] The concept that turns a rapper, into a dancer
[Question:] Are you really all that fresh?
[Answer:] Yes, yes... YES!
Or, "si," to the people speakin' Spanish
You better make use of KRS, before he vanish

But all these magazines'll vanish before you will
They better start printin the REAL REAL hip-hop
From BDP

Yo yo but check it out Will
They ain't interested in no real hip-hop
They ain't interested in graffiti art, breakdancin
And real rap music, they just wanna know where the money is

Why why why?

Yo I think some of these journalists
Need to start gettin' punched in they face

Hah, I got a big fist