"Sound Crack" lyrics - BOOTSY COLLINS

"Sound Crack"

(Hey man,did you hear that group that was just out there,man?
I ain' t goin out there after that group man
I mean you know man,they've got that sound..that ah,.. new wave,uh the new
Group.ah?Nah man.nah..it's the nah ah,ah,ah,ah
..ah..the new wave,yeah man..the new wave man..

Hey man,you don't have nothing to worry about man.
I mean you know you've got that.d,um..
Ultra band..?Nah man,the Ultra Band,nah man the Ultra Wave man,..they'll
Just go on out there and burn their hair man!)

(Hey gurl,I know you ain't going out there behind them bad muthas! Ha ha ha)

Just 'cause I turn my back don't mean I'm gone
HEY!I'been down with the funk uh,from now on
Don't cha know that uh
Just 'cause I wave my hair don't mean so long
So grow on up,I was praying to the funk,don't cha know?

Well,ah..the 'P'is still there 'cause a that's a muh bruh..HEY!!!!
Just 'cause I turn my don't mean I'm gone
Just remember it happens to the brave and strong OH LAWWWWD!

Leave what's mine alone...HUH!
Ow,..It's time to move on
Hey lord!

Ah are you ready to go yet?
I'm gone!
Needs to learn
How to earn
Society is slowly killing me
Huh,hunh HUH!
Huh,And I ain't lying'either mo'moments(laughs/get off me muthafu@ka!)

You live a life of sacrifist,and on and on
You try to do what's right
That's what my daddy said
Hold on,why be strong?
You know that you can make it
You're just trying ta fake it
Hold on,why be strong?
Ahh belooowhoa oo oo

Dop de da
Dop dop dop de da [2x]

Just 'cause I wave my hair don't mean I'm gone
It burns,..ah..I don't care..UH
Just 'cause I wave my hairr don't mean I'm gone
Sometrimes..ah..it burns,but ya know I don't care

I know where you want to be
Money is tight
And ain't nothing,nothing free
Oh Lawd!
Yeah sometimes we all hard times trying to escape
But a ruh,that's alright!

Hold on
Why be strong

It's your turn to get off ah
You know it's kind of hard
Trying to play a part
Am I on TV[3x]
Somewhere to be,in the movie-he hees!

Dop dop dop de da da
Dop dop dop de da

Gaaababeegabee beezz

Oh oh ohhh
Oh ohhhhhh[4x]

Is that you waving at me
A will cream a little dab will do ya????
Hey ah,that's alright

Hold on
Why be strong?
Hold on
Why be strong?


Hold on
Why be strong?
Hold on
Why be strong?

Cinema of reality it's the soundtrack to the movie ahh..Ultra Wave..OK? OK
Bye, ok?