"Illusionist" lyrics - BORN OF OSIRIS


Should I believe in your prophecies
Does it lead me towards false ideals

Where is the evidence
Can you show me some proof?
This is irrelevant to the people you elude
Separate from all your wishful thinking
I want to prove what my heart is seeking

It's hard to focus with this distance
How can I mend this war between us
I've given all of my trust in what you believe
Will you be reaching back to me

Stay in this picture no further decay
The risk will come at a price I'm willing to pay
We were fearless with passion for life
Now are we forced to say goodbye

Programmed over time, adapted
Was I meant to take this path
Confined out of touch, absent mind
Set me free to feel alive

I placed my trust in you

I noticed the threat in our exchange
The days go on with no security