"The Accountable" lyrics - BORN OF OSIRIS

"The Accountable"
(Joe Buras / Ronnie Canizaro / Cameron Losch / Lee F. McKinney / Lee McKinney)

It all crumbles beneath me
I can take the time to be here
I can take the kill
I walk back and forth
You're stuck between the walls
I will come forth
I try to reason but I'm still there
It is the other side of your words?
Where the meaning don't relate
So we compensate
The other side of my mind
Tries to make its way inside
My conscience won't be with me tonight
Thought I could see the light and you could see it too
Does this make me horrible?
My judgment fails to be the truth
Now with open ground at my feet
I conquer all the things detaining me
Habits fracture and try to drain
The wretched guilt that dwells in me
Try to justify yourself
It's your mistake - be accountable
Why do you blame the people around you?