"Throw Me In The Jungle" lyrics - BORN OF OSIRIS

"Throw Me In The Jungle"

I'll leave my blood in the city
Throw me in the jungle
I can finally say I'm ready
Throw me in the jungle
Just let my lungs fill with smoke
Leave only my skin a match and a stone

We'll leave no corner left undone
The shadows run deep in the constant sun
As streets unfold we find our muse
She wears many faces she speaks our truth

Even if you're not the same
I won't turn my back on you
If I arrive to find myself letting the worst
Of you taking the best of me
You're taking the best of me
Throw me in

Should I trade sand for salt?
The elements seem to dissolve us all
In the end this is positive change
No matter where I stand no matter where I lay

This will be the light you live with
With a heart of fire
Set my body ablaze