"Number One" lyrics - BOY GEORGE

"Number One"

I'm no Norma Desmond
Though I live for the applause
I know fame is a symptom
Of a far greater cause
Oh rock'n roll is tragedy
'Cause all the gals get old
You weep into the mirror
Cause the record never sold
If you loved me
I'd be No.1
If you loved me
I'd never come undone
If you loved me
I'd be Madonna rich
If you loved me
I'd be one lucky bitch
If you loved me
you really love me
I don't really care
About the frailty of fame
I laugh at my reflection
Even when I play the game
Oh rock'n roll illusion
Temporary master plan
You scrutinize the picture
But do you ever see the man
But if you loved me....
He's too damaged you're too needy
turn your back and call his bluff
Falt apart love ain't gready
Loneliness is not enough
Not enough
Not enough
But I need that stuff
If you loved me....
About the lawyers and the taxman
And the boys from my past
Are the rumours really true
Well I thought you'd never ask
Are you taking me to bed uh
Are we dancing in the rain
If I really feel your hurt
I won't ever call again