"It's My Party" lyrics - BRANDY

"It's My Party"

It's my party & I'll cry if iWant to
Be shy if iWant to, get high if iWant to
It's my party & I'll cry if iWant to
I'll cry if iWant to, I'll cry if iWant to

Somebody give me some tissue iGot an issue iNeed to address
I'm up in a hot mess, like my jeans I'm pressed
Once was the girl to impress, but now I'm depressed
IUsed to be stressless, but now it's more or less
I'm sweatin cold like a cold sweat
Cooled down from my forehead
Tryin' 2 get ahead of pain so iCan go ahead
I'm cryin rivers and lakes and oceans
IGot a notion 2 bury myself

INeed some help, the worst iEver felt

No matter how hard iTry, like a whiny baby iCry, 'cause you lied
U took another slice of devil's pie
I'm takin' shots like a gun range
Lips pucked like Wolfgang
I'm really goin' insane as hell, I'm burnin flames
I'm up in smoke but I'm holdin' my chalk