"Selfish" lyrics - BRANDY


Well, it's too late for giving in
I've been waiting for too long
There's no way that I could lose
Givin' me the love
You've been holding back
Today I'm not gonna wait
Not anymore, the time is now
I'd give up everything
Just to have you for myself
'Cuz when I think about

Your love, your kiss
I never felt anything like this
You're sent from above
I'm so in love
When I think about
Your touch, your smile
I never felt anything like this
And I know it's real
It's just the way that I feel
I'm just a little bit

I don't wanna share you with anybody else
Don't want them
Hugging you, touching you, feeling you, kissing you
You can call me selfish
I'm selfish
I don't want to share you with anybody else
I don't want no one around you
Calling you, paging you
You can call me selfish

Should I stop trippin' and let it flow?
It happened a long time ago
Damn, boy you hurt me so
When you cheated on me with that other lady
Well, I felt embarrassed and ashamed
And to top it you called out her name
Keep thinking I'm the one to blame
Still, I took you back
When I think about



There are reasons why I care
The way you love me seems so unreal
There are times when I feel scared
'Cuz you had a girl when we first met
I close my eyes and pray
That you would be more truthful, baby
Be the love of my lifetime
Say that you'll be mine