"You Are Beautiful" lyrics - BRANDY

"You Are Beautiful"

Ever since I saw your eyes, you gave me butterflies,
... You were different from all the other guys,
You've been keeping me up,
I'm flying high,
A ninja in disguise, and now I rather die.
You were a reason, a compromise as you and I,
We go together way back in junior high,
You make...
An yet you... on my back side,
Behind my left...
You want the truth and it's no... like sapphire,
You make me so shy, you keep my tongue tight.
Baby you're killing me softly and this is homicide,

...Like a suicide to a die.
So don't ever leave me, don't ever say goodbye,

Stay in, my alibi!
Don't make my soul cry!
And I can deny your love is the grand prize,
You're like a franchise, let me be your merchandise!

I, I need a touch,
Can you come now,
'Cause you're beautiful!
You're beautiful!
You're beautiful!
You're beautiful!