"Heart, It's All Over" lyrics - BREAD

"Heart, It's All Over"

Heart it's all over;
I can feel what you're goin though.
Heart it's all over,
Yes I know I'm gonna miss her too, but, she never told me
I had to learn that we just weren't good enough, now it's over

I should have warned ya, it might not work and you just might break.
Now I fore Lorne ya, Yes I know it was my mistake but
Who hasn't tried it;
I wanted love that was slightly out of reach.
Now it's over, it's all over

No matter how hard I tried I couldn't seem to keep her satisfied
No matter what I went together could've, always been a little bit better
I couldn't make it fast enough-the money, the money wouldn't last enough
I couldn't keep her satisfied no matter, no matter how hard, how hard I tried

Heart it's all over,
You and me on the streets again
Starting all over, seems like here's where we just came in, but
Some bodies waiting, but just goin now well it hurts too much to look
'Cause it's all over
It's all over

Heart it's all over now, it's all over now, (Heart it's all over)
Heart it's all over, heart it's all over, Heart it's all over
Heart it's all over, It's all over, (Heart it's all over)
Heart it's all over
Ahhh heart...