"Off The Heezay" lyrics - BRING ME THE HORIZON

"Off The Heezay"
(Bring Me the Horizon / Oliver Sykes)

I've been taken from your arms so many times.
I've felt this before.
The sheets are tangled,
And they don't feel right on my carcass.
Like you do.
This is my revenge
(For every second sleep has stole)
I feel dead inside.
Last night we dressed to our best,
And drank till there was nothing left.
I walked you home. you held my hand
We fucked away the rest of the night
Take my hand
For this is my revenge.
For every second lost.
This is my revenge,
(For every second sleep has stole)

And sweetie, I've got to say
That I'm really not worth the time of your day.
I guess when when we left each other for the first time
We didn't think goodbye would be our new favorite line