"Silver Pistol" lyrics - BRINSLEY SCHWARZ

"Silver Pistol"

Once I made a fortune
But I wouldn't play their stupid games
With these orders to the holy land
And a silver pistol to blow my brains

I became a drifter
Blown by wind and froze by rain
Even talking to the JBL
The things I hear don't sound the same

Sultry Senorita
Strums an out of tune guitar
Only waiting for the morning
But she leaves town in a brand new car

Yea, but even so
Soon comes a hassle with the CID
Stop whatever you're doing now
And here's your problem - 1,2,3

One, two, three, four
It's bound to be said
Seven by five
It's one hell of a fall
You may think you've got something together
But that shitty city wind will come and take it all

Now your man, he don't feel good
He can't stop thinking that his life has changed
Living down on the Avenue
With a silver pistol to blow his brains