"Angel In My Heart" lyrics - BRITNY FOX

"Angel In My Heart"
(D. Davidson)

Friday night I'm with the boys at a local bar.
Walks in this girl, so divine, I think I'm gonna stay a while.

She walked across the room with her high heels on
She let her hair on down down down
I felt I'd known her before, I think I'll ask her for,
Before she walks out the door.

So baby don't go, don't go, an angel in my heart.
So baby don't go, don't go you're an angel in my heart, yeah.

I said take a seat on next to me, I think I need to see your smile.
My heart's keepin' a beat with the record machine
As crazy as it sounds so far.

I'd like to walk you home, I'd like to cheer you up,
I'll be there to help you through.
If you need to know, I'll be happy to show,
So baby don't ever go.

[Chorus, lead, chorus out]