"Kick 'N' Fight" lyrics - BRITNY FOX

"Kick 'N' Fight"
(Dean Davidson / Tony Destra)

When your down and feeling low
And there ain't no place to go,
Just put your mind in second gear
Say I'm out of here.
When your friends bring you down
And there ain't no one around,
You scream out loud
At the top all you want is out.

Kick 'n' fight tonight.
Just kick 'n' fight that's right.
Kick 'n' fight.

Now you know how to hang tough
Say man that wasn't rough.
Well in your mind there's nothing to fear
Now you're in gear.
One bite from the fox
You'll know it's time to rock.
Get off your seat and on your feet
And you they won't beat.

Chorus, lead, chorus out.