"Jemenez Cricket" lyrics - BRUTAL TRUTH

"Jemenez Cricket"

Cricket's home
Right high where he outta' be
Sailing high (through his)
Crystal clear cash flow rainbows
Our sweet drug man
Lease don't try to understand
Shot alone, we're alone
So alone
Getting kicks on taking risks
Fucking with the numbers
Turning tricks

The art of the deal
The numbers feed, life surreal
Cricket's home all alone
Thinking kicks without the trip
Kicking back and turning on
Punching out reality
While sifting through
The hand that feeds

The art of the deal, life goes on
Life is true, can't you see, your
Backing out on family
Everything to live for
Pure euphoric dream
Life is pure, can't you see
Your backing out on family

The art of the deal, life goes on
Cricket's high sky high