"Miss America" lyrics - BRYAN ADAMS

"Miss America"

Miss America

It was the hottest summer, I was seventeen
You were a little older, ya the best I'd ever seen
We were young and foolish, only out for laughs
Didn't realise that time would fly so fast

Miss America, tell me where you are
Can't believe I've gone and lost you
Just a photograph - just a memory to me ya
We were so misunderstood, thought we had it good
But just too young to know it
And now - I remember the way we were
Miss America

I can hear your laughter, like it was yesterday
You would put your hair up, I'd take it down, I liked it that way
We stayed out late and counted stars
From the backseat of my car
You said it's love, I said ok
Didn't know what else to say


We traced our names out in the stars
Ya the world was ours

I'm ready, I am ready for
The way we were, way back before
We both grew up, and you left town
Miss USA, where are you now?

I can't forget the way we were...
Miss America