"What'cha Gonna Do Now?" lyrics - BUCK OWENS

"What'cha Gonna Do Now?"

Back in the country a few years ago
There was sure a lot about the girls I don't know
I wondered how to steal a kiss but I was so shy
I wondered a million times every time I'd try.

What am I gonna do now?
Well, I don't know how
Girls started asking
Whatcha gonna do now?

Well, I was a gettin' sweet on the neighbor's daughter Lou
She was cute and sassy and kinda bold too
She told me she'd show me what it's all about
She was gonna teach me how to knock 'em out.

Well, holding hands and making eyes I learned in lesson one
Lou was my teacher and school sure was fun
How to put my arms around came in lesson two
She said now you're ready to learn somethin' new.

Whatcha gonna do now?
You gotta show me how
Oh, don't keep me waiting
Whatcha gonna do now?


I took her to the cake walk at the country school
She was hangin' on to me and she wouldn't turn me loose
Girls started making eyes, I guess it made Lou sore
She took me to the moonlight said I gotta teach you more.

Kisses by the dozens, hugs to beat the band
I yelled and I pleaded huh, just one little man
Lou was sure excited and me, I tell you more
And then I saw a gleam that I ain't never saw before.

Whatcha gonna do now
Oh, how you do know how
Whatcha gonna do now...