"Heart's Delight" lyrics - BUDDY MILES

"Heart's Delight"

I went down to my baby's house Just the other night,
She was lookin' pretty good She looked out of sight.
I held her hand she frowned at me,
She said come on baby let's go down to the sea.
Then I knew things were right as time went on,
Our love grew before the dawn.
And I knew by the smile upon her face,
That I showed somehow ah a saving grace.

Yeah just to see the smile on her face

We went to a party just the other night,
Everybody there said she looked out of sight.
'Cause I had troubles before with another girl,
And now it seems like I'm in a brand new world.
And I saw by her face she could give me a way,
She could thank me thank me thank me...
Thank me for a brand new day. Yeah.

And she's my heart delight oh my baby so out of sight.
Oh and she's knows by the time I come home home

She's alright
She's my heart delight
Yeah Yeah
It's alright its's alright

I went to her house just the other night,
My baby was lookin' good she looked out of sight.
She was gettin' ready to leave she was goin' away,
And she didn't have a word no she didn't have much to say.
And she felt somehow that I mistreated her,
And like a fool I went to her.
And then I said for a while come and stay with me,
Don't ya Don't ya Don't ya leave me no
Don't ya leave me this way yeah

'Cause don't ya know you're my heart's delight,
Oh baby don't you know you're out of sight.
Oh and I can't find a reason or way

No no no no no no no no no.

Oh baby,
Don't you go away and leave me in the dark.
I know that everythin' you do doesn't turn out right.
But darlin' you don't have to go away and leave me in the night.
It's been such pain I don't know if I can't take it no longer
No no no
And I can't see for far danger and the harm.