"Wherever You Go" lyrics - BUILT TO SPILL

"Wherever You Go"

Murals make it right, well, how can that explain?
Nobody can tell what the hell they're even saying
No one sees it's easier to change
No one sleeps and no one stays awake
No one complains
And I'll find wherever you go
And I'll help with things you don't know
And I'll get you out of the show
And I'll find wherever you go
It's things you have to give and never come around
There's opportunity to tread instead of drown
Remarks will make the living settle down
They call them markets instead of towns
They like how it sounds
Most of us are wrong
Most of us agree
Must have been the wrong
Message we received
If you got to choose, I've got to change
And if you've got the truth, I've got to trade
And if you've got a feud, I've got a fade
My heart will wear you out

Yeah, my heart will wear you down [3x]