"Smooth Locomotion" lyrics - BURNING RAIN

"Smooth Locomotion"

Slidin up and down like a snake charmer's tongue
Girl you drive like a tiger
Ride me to the edge of a love loaded gun
Rocket fuel is pushin me higher
Love drug injection comes over the line
Tail fever shakes through me soul

You love me like a smooth locomotion
A cat scratchin honey machine
Like a smooth locomotion
Revved up inside
Stoke like a jet engine queen
Pretty engine purrs revvin straight up inside
Skin is drivin me crazy
Kitten grinds me down on a love loaded ride
Motor sweat on soul bodies blazin
Heartbreaker baby you're heaven in heat
Pushin me over my head

You're so smooth like a razor baby
Slidin up
Stroke me down
Ya move like a charm