BURT BACHARACH lyrics - No One Remembers My Name

"No One Remembers My Name"
(Burt Bacharach / Hal David)

No one remembers my name
No one remembers
I ever walked these streets before
The people I once knew
Don't seem to live herre anymore

I feel like a stranger
Outside the house
Where I was born
It seems so small now
And everything that once looked new to me
Now looks old
And not like it used to be

And no one remmbers my face
No one remembers the things I promised
I would do
I came back to show them
I really made my dreams come true

I'm dying to tell them
But there's no one to tell it to
They just rush by me
And now I know that the past
Is just a memory
I belong where people smile back at me
They know me and show me they care

That's why I'm so happy here
They all remember my name
My smile, my face
And that's the place for me
The only place for me