"The Net" lyrics - BURT BACHARACH

"The Net"

They're closing in, closing in, closing in
And they're ready to drop the net!

It all began in Yuma, seven days ago
It seems more like a lifetime since she smiled and said: "Hello!"
I caught a glimpse of heaven shining in her eyes -
But what looked like an angel, was a devil in disguise!

She said she wanted diamonds, furs and all the rest
The man who got her, had to treat her better than the best!
I said I'd bring her diamonds, promised her the moon -
But she was in a hurry and I had to do it soon!

The night was dark and gloomy, clock was striking four
I opened up the skylight and I climbed down to the store!
I filled a sack with diamonds, made my getaway
Left fingerprints behind and now they've come to make me pay!