"Rancid Amputation" lyrics - CANNIBAL CORPSE

"Rancid Amputation"

Torsos hang from their own intestines
Ripped of all bodily extensions
Stumps wreathing in a sludge
Suffering through a rancid amputation

A pulsating artery accomanied by some veins
Slit with no restraint
Sacs of pus develop
My muscles tighten as I feel the rush

I look at your body starting to gush
I slice through the limb, a human dissection
Portions of half-eaten flesh in my mouth
Starting to chew your now bleeding stump

I will swallow your pus your own rectal slime
I'll force you to drink
Vessels explode as needles injected

My brain tormented
Slit from head to toe, die through the torture
Disease engulfs you
Internal rot
Fresh cut wounds, beginning to clot

Ripping through flesh is what I do best
Tear off an arm, amputated neck
Eyes removed, cranium smashed
Decomposing remains, severed in half
Dying slowly never to rest, nerves are quivering as I rip

Removal of life on the blade of my knife
Inserted in your spine, smashing through bone
Feel my hell, I feed on fright
Rape the limbless cadaver