"Ingrained" lyrics - CAPHARNAUM


Christened as the abomination
Held down in his godly pose
Stitch me in conformity's slab
Embroider my flesh in mechanical mode
I'm crucified for my existence
Nailed in obscurity
Coerced compliance
Why is this
Way I must exist
So let it be known
That all conviction
Will bring the end
Of heathen flesh
Pull me to the stake
Dragged kicking and screaming
Pull me to the stake
Crucify my and my ignorance
As the flames torch me clean
My end becomes so clear
As the flames purify
Free at to finally burn

[Solo - Suecof]

[Solo - Mongrain]

I feel the light burning in my head
Self lamentation for shattered existence
A consecration for the clairvoyant
Now I bask in my carnal ash