"Owed T'Alex" lyrics - CAPTAIN BEEFHEART

"Owed T'Alex"

Stupid heart, cupid heart
Where will you go from here?
Magnetic ring, magnetic draw
Ooh, what you got me into?
I'm a wolf, chrome craw
Leavin' you now
I'll write ya, ma

Takin' a putt up to Carson City

Well, if you hear me howlin'
Well hell, sittin' pretty
Tasting nitty gritty
Puttin' on in to Carson City

Sparks, tattoos, two tats and a toot
Helmets, crosses, and a patch to boot
Engine hot, pipes burn white
Glad I'm not home tonight
Five miles back I took a spill
Thought I almost paid my bill

Makin' my putt to Carson City

Party time with the Jones-by-name
Ahhh, it's a shame
Say, it's a pity
Gotta putt outta Carson City

Ha ha ha ha ha
Ha ha ha ha ha ha