"The Barn" lyrics - CARIBOU

"The Barn"

No Mercy, No Remorse
Picture that
Take an eerie ride
You always remember, to give respect too
Yo' foul?
You remember when you was locked up in the clink?
Fa sho!
Didn't none of them bitch-ass niggas wanna help you get out?
Ha-ha, fa sho!
Look at that [?] god damn thing
Yeeah Ninja Boy, now we better get them bennies baby
Forget about it, you niggas can't see me
Forget about it
Forget afuckingbout it

'94, to listen, to narrarate the blessin'
Passisus insists that you fools to start guessin'
X, is the teacher in this hold of Fort Knox
And my students blast like college mind
Heavyweight BOOM! now press be mine
He just lost from the 9
Upward, this barn, indeed X-A-Rus
Hotter than thrush, you best X-A-Dus
Fool, you gets nothin', but draw [?]
And I see through rich niggas like?
X-ecution style, or behind the ear
With a twenty-two, I do, what I do
Done, what I did, the crowd screamed "Ooh!"
X [?] step without a clue
I once was stranded, but went A-Wall
Hot left buck when I lyrical gang-bang
Rat-tat-tat-tat, now y'all remember that
Smoked-down to the roach
And the chronic was phat
Left a ride, 'cause I wrote that for Dre
Never fear a Devil, cult, they don't pray
Have my newton motto is "Fuck what they say!"
Is the brand new dollar, for my brand new day
Out with the old, and in with the new
Hit 'em with the heavyweight boom

[Chorus 2x:]
Out Wit' Da Old, and in with the new
We always remember to give respect too
Those that battle-battle if your crude to pursue
I'll hit'cha like *BOOM* and I thought you knew

Yo, I tell 'em like this 'cause most niggas don't know
But X, was the backbone of Death Row
Snoop was the front-man
Dre was the beat
Show, was the nigga that made shit complete
Rage, was the lady
Kurupt was the mental
Daz, Dillinger blast with instrumental
All you other fools we condsider secondary
Let a twenty-four over the rhyme primary
My contemplated skill and ill to the little
My flex does a little, helps if you like the one in the praire
Feel the intense dry heat
That's when I add moisture
And lubricate the beat
An aquaduct force, or more than I construct that poems
Then I, swing my nuclear arms
And you *BOOM* blow up
Throw up your hands and form the X
Indeed I invisioned your flex
Quit fakin' a fall
But nowadays, these M.C.s be playin' the role of O.G.s
Listen as the awkward styles, like Robbie Brista
And written concepts top-up your transmistor


They slept when I rocked
But that's not on a jewel
They standed around and jocked screaming
"X, go wousy, woo-woo!"
Thousy, we go throw brand new
Stampeding through, like wild Caribou
Ooh, far from doo-doo that's shitty
First and foremost, from the Long Beach City
Never honourary, born and raised as true
I roll like a twenty, plus, I'm insane too
Creeps, I ain't dissin' none of my peeps
The first one to jump, is the first one to sleep
X, I drop the bomb, you remember
I put that on my Mama, Emma, drama


And forever andibly, you shall feel the strong, rage
Neretal all E, X